Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Blade Runner 2049 activity

In 2099 in New Zealand I think it will be very different from now. I think people will still live in houses but they will be advanced so that the house knows when your inside or out when to turn on the lights and when to turn them on.

I think people will eat more healthier and get rid of most of the unhealthy foods, I think that the jobs will be done by robots because we will have advanced, but I think the robots will be creating food,water and other robots.

Your Future Self activity

After school I think I would like to go to university and study geology because I love rocks gems and stuff like that, in my opinion it is a very interesting subject also I would like to help with earthquake predictions so that we are ready for any earthquakes so we can save lives.
What Is a Geode? | Wonderopolis

Modern Learning Environments activity

Here is the floor plan of my dream classroom if I was a teacher!

The rainbow thing is a couch and the dark grey thing on the wall is the active board, the light blue things are seats and the dark blue,grey and pink things are tables, the brown things are individual children's desks.

Flying Cars activity

We had to choose between three different cars that we would like if our parents bought us one in future. I have chosen this one because it flies and its like the hover cars in star wars!
flying car (2).jpg

Country Calendar activity

I think the very long hours and very early starts would be most challenging thing if I was a farmer.

 I wouldn't like to be a livestock farmer when I'm older because I am vegetarian. Also I think that it would not be nice to work all year round, with the west coast weather like rain,hail and wind.

Sporting Heroes activity

My Sporting Hero is Laird Hamilton, he was born on the second of march in 1964. He is an American big-wave surfer  he is also the co-inventor of tow in surfing.

He is a sporting hero because he was the first big wave surfer towed in by a jet ski also he is really brave.

 This is Laird Hamilton surfing Teahupo'o in Tahiti.
FBI Hawaii Field Office + Honolulu Police Department Chief ...

Mixed-Member Proportional (MMP) activity

If I had to form a coalition with two other people I would choose my friend Mackenzie because he is very organized, so I think he would help things run smoothly.
I would chose my dad as well because he is very good with people and he would help in meetings and things where I need to work with anyone else.