Thursday, 28 June 2018

Random acts of kindness Main Stars

For my Main Stars this term I needed to perform five random acts of kindness and record them. I think I did OK but I think I could improve on recording the random acts of kindness. Here are my random acts of kindness.

Swimming Goal Main Star

For my main stars I needed to set a goal for myself and achieve it with evidence. My goal was to improve my swimming.

I am in the Young Gents Club and I think that this has helped me improve lots. I think that I have achieved my goal. Here are some videos of me swimming as proof.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

WK 1 TM 2 Maths Workbook

Today we went to Miss Hines for our group work our group is called the Einsteins we have two rotations a week, one with Miss Power and one with Miss Hines. Today our group worked on finding the missing number here is my workbook hope you enjoy.

Monday, 9 April 2018

Planning a family outing

I have recently developed a real interest in finding out about the rocks that I often pick up on our family outings so I decided to join gem club at Shantytown.

When an opportunity came up to go on a field trip to find interesting rocks in Ford Creek in Blackball, I dragged my family into it.

As part of the planning I contacted Mary who was in charge of the field trip and she kindly gave me a list of things to take. These were boots, day pack with water bottle, sun stuff, geology pick/hammer, camera, spare top etc. We didn't have a geology pick or hammer but she said that would be fine because other people who were going would have them for us to borrow.

On the day, thankfully it was very sunny day so mum wasn't to grumpy about going out to fossick for rocks. We packed up our afternoon tea treats and headed out to Blackball. My sister and I enjoyed digging around for rocks, my dad enjoyed playing with his camera taking photos and mum just enjoyed being out in the sunshine. 

Here are some fascinating rocks I found, they have there names underneath. Also there is one that I am still trying to find out what it is. The quartz is a piece from a bigger sample I found but that we had fun breaking open to see if we could find a gold nugget inside. `There are some other photos as well that Dad took.

Brotherband book revew

Title: Brotherband: The Outcasts

Genre: Adventure and mystery 

Author: John Flanagan

Age: 10-14

Rating: 10/10

Summary: This series is set in the same world as The Rangers Apprentice series after that series finishes. The main characters are Hal, Thorn and Stig who form a Brotherband called The Herons. In their Brotherband they compete to earn the right to become Skandian warriors.

This book, which is the first of the series, follows their early days as a group and the difficulties they have overcome.

I whizzed through this book because I was so excited and it did not let me down. It was a great book and I am currently reading the third one in the series!

Rangers Apprentice book review

Title: Rangers Apprentice: The Early Years, The Battle of Hackham Heath

Genre: Adventure and mystery 

Author: John Flanagan

Age: 9-13

Rating: 10/10

Summary: When Morgareth escapes his sentence for treason King Duncan knows that he needs to be ready for war. The young, gruff ranger Halt volunteers for a impossible task, scaling a giant mountain and sneaking his way through the Wargales to find out Morgareth's plans. Meanwhile Crowly will have to get the queen to safety along with her unborn child. The fate of the war rests on Halt's shoulders. 

I loved this book because it was a fun read and it was the first thing that I enjoyed reading after finishing the Harry Potter series.

Tintin The black island

Title: Tintin The Black Island

Genre: Adventure and mystery 

Author: Herge

Age: 7-13

Rating: 9/10

Summary: The Black Island is a book in the Tintin book series. In this adventure he wraps himself in another big mystery and finds himself trying to catch fake money makers on a island.  This is a island of legend in Scotland that is supposed to be the home of a horrific and deadly beast. Will Tintin solve the mystery or die trying?
I enjoyed this book because it was a fun read and made me laugh. I like how the pictures help to tell the story.